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    This one hell of a build! And when we say build - he is making custom parts as he requires them. Grabbing the attention of the novices and pro's albish's thread is definitely worth a read!

    albish DS3 Racing | Engine Rebuild

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    Dear fellow DS3 lovers,

    After 20 weeks of hassle and BS (because I live in country where is very hard to get thing delivered online) , I'm back with my car tomorrow So since everything starts from scratch I thought I make another thread about it, explain what I went through and thank everyone on this forum who helped and was willing to answer my questions.

    So, without too much talk I will explain a bit of my cars life, I got my car as a present for my birthday last year and it was with 10k miles on it. My father got the car 3 months before my birthday and changed some parts on it ( as I posted in the other thread ), he was ex-rally champion and is currently director of Federation of Autosports in Kosova, he loves cars and was very optimistic about the Racing, while I always drove it with the fear of the piston blowing , and he has a thing for Mercedes and Citroen ( currently have 3 M and 3 C haha).

    My previous setup was:
    DS3 Racing 11/2012 n.850/1000

    Vector Tunning TB-W2 Powerbox
    Bastuck Exhaust
    Forge Intercooler + Oli Catch Tank Kit
    Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit Shocx
    Vmaxx LED and Headlight Cover

    Now I've decided to get the Vector Tunning Chip off and do a decent remap. I did a engine rebuild with forged internals and changed to de-cat. The rebuild was done at Mercedes-Benz Dealership as my father know the owner and he could work together with their main mechanic on the car. (He used to tune his Mini Morris 20 years ago, will post pic as we still have the Mini )

    Wossner Forged Pistons
    PEC Automotive ConRods
    Mahle ConRod Bearrings
    Bastuck De-Cat
    Wiechers-Sport Roll-Bar (Orderd another 8-12 weeks to come )
    and a costum made front grill.

    I'm not aiming for more than 250ish horsepower but we are trying to make it achieve the peak lower rpm, ~230hp@4500rpm.