• DS3OTM - August - BenS

    August's Winner for DS3 of the Month is owned by Ben!

    Model:DStyle Plus VTi 120
    Body Colour:Polar: White
    Owned since: February 2016
    DS3Club Member since: June 2016

    To date he is smashing through the tick list he has up and has changed a lot since he joined the Club just 3 months ago and changed a lot since February! In that time he has racked up 2780 views on his thread.

    Done so far
    • Red mirrors
    • DS3club rear windscreen sticker and French flag dash sticker
    • Gloss black front grille edging + Citroen chevron
    • Take the black grille shape down front bumper, Mitsubishi Evo X style
    • Red fog light surrounds
    • Black and red floor mats
    • Show plates
    • TeamHeko wind deflectors
    • More stickers on the wind deflectors
    • Headlight eyelids, white vinyl
    • Black vinyl DS3 stripe from Streetrace.org
    • Red LEGO brick dustcaps
    • Backup set of Stormtrooper LEGO dustcaps
    • Aluminium DS3 foot rest

    He's crossing things of his to do list, but I'm pretty sure this is getting longer?

    Keep up to date with his thread HERE